Beautify Your Floors, Backsplashes And Counters With Tile Restoration

Thile-Rou might be ready to tear your home apart and rebuild many of its structural and design elements from the ground up, your budget may not be able to accommodate this level of renovation. Fortunately, if key elements throughout your home have begun to take on a worn and dingy appearance, their may be ways to rejuvenate them and restore their original aesthetic beauty and appeal. With the right tile restoration service, you can make your tiled floors, backsplashes and counters look like new.

Restoration of tiles actually starts at the grout. This porous material is open and exposed to moisture, dirt, and many other elements all of the time. Over the years, it can begin cracking out and discoloring in ways that make it less than appealing.

Not only is this an aesthetic issue, but it is also one that can have a significant impact on human health. This is especially true in the bathrooms and kitchen where indoor moisture levels and germs are at their highest. Problems like mold and mildew are extremely problematic when they exist on food preparation surfaces or on any surface on which you might put your toothbrush, eyelash curler, or other hygiene and personal care items. This is great inspiration for having grout cleaned or flat out replaced.

At Grout Plus, our goal is to make old and poorly maintained surfaces look just as good as they did when they were put in. Beyond cleaning, replacing, or resealing your grout, we can also replace cracked, chipped and outright missing tiles. In areas of significant tile damage, these treatments will give the space a complete and more polished look overall.

With our extensive industry experience, we have had the opportunity to forge strong and lasting relationships with some of the worlds best-known and most trusted tile suppliers. This is extremely helpful when it comes to replacing missing pieces, finishing partially completed work, or fully restoring severely damaged features. In fact, our massive network of suppliers even allows us to handle restoration work in old and historic properties.

Sealing grout after it has been reapplied is a great way to prevent cosmetic and other damages from recurring. It is a vital step in your efforts to preserve the functionality and appeal of tiled surfaces. If you’ve spent a fortune getting intricate tiling throughout your home, then it just makes sense to pay for the restorations and repairs that are necessary for keeping it visually lovely and intact.