An Overview Of Grout Cleaning In Port St. Lucie

No matter what type of surfaces you prefer for your floors, walls, counters and other areas of your home or business, they will eventually show the effects of wear and tear. Grout is one of the surfaces which can be challenging to clean since it is porous and easily attracts stains, mold and other organisms. Are you searching for a way to get grout cleaning in Port St. Lucie, FL? Do you need to address dirt and stains on your grout lines? Grout Plus is noted for its professionalism and reliability in serving customers in Wellington, Boca Raton, and Coconut Creek, Florida.

Grouting is defined as a paste substance or type of mortar designed to fill crevices, especially the gaps between wall or floor tiles. The color can be made to enhance the color of your tile, or to blend with it. In no case, will the presence of gray, stained or dirty grouting be positive for the aesthetics of the surface. Over time, the small crevices in the hardened mortar or paste will collect and hold dirt, mold, and other debris and organisms

The collection of the foreign substances in the grouting lines can cause erosion of the surface. The work of our firm’s professionals is two-fold. The first task is to remove the unwanted material which affects the appearance and cleanliness of the product. We have a proprietary product which cleans and sanitizes the lines. One the lines are cleaned, a product is used to reseal the surface

The grouting is clean, as well as being sealed in order to assist in the future care of the surface. When the lines are clean and sealed, they are easier to maintain in a shiny and pristine condition. The sealing product lasts for many months and keeps the tile looking great. We have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the process of appearance restoration on your Mexican tile, marble and granite floors.

The proprietary product used by our professionals is not available in stores. We have tested it on hundreds of surfaces over a decade or more in operation. The response has been uniformly positive and encourages the customers to share their positive results with their friends and neighbors. This positive reputation has allowed us to expand our services to a growing service area in the Florida area.

You can depend on our firm for your grout cleaning in Boca Raton. Call (561) 753-7090 today for a free estimate!