• Grout re- color
  • Shower cleaning/acid wash/steam clean and caulking
  • Marble cleaning
  • Mexican tile clean and re-glaze
  • Pressure clean


About Our 5 Step Process…
1. We will move your furniture and furnishings as needed and put them back into place upon completion.
2. We clean using only the finest non toxic products manufactured for our company to make your tile clean and your grout very clean and porous.
3. We will then remove all of the waste out of your home with a commercial vac system.
4. We will permanently color seal your grout to be waterproof, stain proof, and mildew proof also it will become one uniform color making them look better than new.
5. Finally, we will buff out your floors using a commercial buffer to bring back the original sheen. Leaving you with a pristine floor system very easy to keep clean and maintain.

Our product is a state of the art proprietary grout sealer (not sold in stores). It has been time tested for over ten years. Our product comes in hundreds of different colors matching any grout chart on the market. We also have Color Specialists to help you choose the right color for your tile.  Ask about our 10 year guarantee, it’s simply the best in the industry!

It is a very porous material that once is installed in your home becomes a breeding ground for mold mildew and all types of bacteria. Does unsealed Grout cause health problems? We’re not sure but we would rather not find out. For more information, please e-mail